Udlærte danse !

Danse fra Introaften 5/9:

" Bill`s Basic " video

" It`s Easy" video

" Feeling Kinda Lonely " video

" Rust on My Strings " video

12/9 "Walking On The Moon" video

        "Take Me Home" (ikke nogen video)

19/9 " Mr.Lonely" video

        "Mama Maria" video

        "Sometime I Wonder" video

26/9 " 101 " video

        "The Little Farmer" video

        "Some Beach" video ikke nogen video på dansen -kun musik

10/10 "Mama Tried" video

          "Train Swing" årsdans video

17/10 "Shaky" video

             " Den allersidste dans" video

          " A Beautiful Girl" video

31/10 "This And That" video

          "Why Did It Had To Be Me" video

          "Broken Heart" video

14/11 " When You Smile" video

          "Rocket To The Sun" video

          "DN Waltz" video

21/11 "Be There In The Morning" video

          " Thank You" video

          "Ride On" video

28/11 " Spread My Wings And Fly" video

          "Skinny Genes" video

12/12 "Dolly" video

          "Be Boll (EZ) video

19/12 "Down On Your Uppers" video

23/1 "Falling for You" ikke video på dansen -musik

30/1 "My Blue Tree" video

        "Its All In The Kiss Baby" video

        "Holding Hands Together" video

20/2 "Crawfish Pie" video

        "Train Swing" årsdans video

        "Lonely Drums" video