Udlærte danse !

9/9 "Come Dance with Me" video

        "This and That" video

        "Why Did It Have To Be Me" video

        "Walking Backwards" video

        "The Little Farmer" årsdans video

        "Rust on My Strings" video

        "I Close My Eyes" video

        "Vertical Expressions" video

        "All You Need" video

        "Broken Heart" video

23/9 "DHSS" video

        "Did He Mean to" video

        "Codigo" video

        "Be There In The Morning" video

        "Such A Fool" video

        "Just A Merory" video

        "Simple Things" video

        "I Love You More" (desværre ikke nogen video)

        "Den allersidste Dans" video

7/10 " No tricks" video

        " Lonely Lovers" video

21/10 " Old 97" video

          " Whole Again" video

4/11 " T`Morrow Never Knows" video

        "Feel Like A Fool" video

18/11 "Bonapartes Retreat" video

          "When You Smile" video

2/12 " My Old Friends" video

16/12 "Spread My Wings and Fly" video

          " Blue Cowboy" video

           "Dawn On Your Yppers" video

            "Thanks A Lot" video

13/1 " Blue Night Cha" video

        "Tango With The Sheriff" video

         "Stand By My Woman Man" video

          "Mama Loo" video

27/1 "Love Lifted Me" video

        "Creazy Foot Mambo" video

        "Holding Hands Together" video

        "2Words1Finger" video

10/2 "Remember These Words" video

        "Ride On" video

        "Dolly" video

        "People Are Crazy" video

24/2 " Ghost Town" video

        "Adalaida" video