Udlærte danse!

Udlært danse fra Introaften 5/9:

Årsdans " Bonaparte`s Retreat " video

Årsdans " The Little Farmer "  video

12/9 "Backroad (Nation`s Us)" årsdans video

        "Rember You Young"  video

19/9 " Train Swing" årsdans video

        " The Bed You Made For Me" video

         "Crazy Foot Mambo" (ønskedans) video

 26/9 " Let It Burn" video

          " Tush Push" (ønskedans) video

          " My New Life" (ønskedans) video

3/10 " Forget Me Not" (ønskedans) video

        "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" (ønskedans) video

        "Lonely Blues" årsdans video

        "My Old Friends" video

10/10 "Thorn In My Side" årsdans video

24/10 " Morning Sun" video

          "Sixties Medley" video

          "Corn don`t Grow" (ønskedans) video

31/10 "Another Ex In Mexico" video

           "Gypsy Queen" (ønskedans) video

14/11  " Codigo" (ønskedans) video

21/11 "Makita" (ønskedans) video

          " It Aint You" video

          "Back In Fashion" video

28/11 "Homesick Heart" video

6/12 "Get Back Ups" video

        "Somewhere In Between" video

12/12 "My Two Step Queen" video

2/1 " Like We Were" video

      " Fourteen Gears" video

16/1 "Down The Dixie Road" video

31/1 "Wintergreen" video

        "This is Me" (ønskedans) video

6/2  "Telepathy" video

        " Pot Of Gold" video

13/2 "Mama and Daddy" video

27/2 "Little Red Book" video

        "Romeo Tonight" video 

        "If I Could Change The World" video

5/3 " Drunk`n Love Waltz" video

      " Goodnight Kiss" video