Love Her For A While video

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Sweet Maureen    video

The Blarney Roses video

Just A Kiss     video

Could`ve Been The Whiskey video

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White Rose         video

Nothing But You    video

Playboys    video

Forget Me Not   video

Wintergreen  video

All The King`s Horses   video

The Trail   video

Ain`t No Quitter    kun stepsheet


Waltz Across Texas   video

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Strait To The Bar   video

Kill The Spider   video

Do a Little Life   video

Gone West  video

The Boat To Liverpool  video


Backroad Nation   video

1-2-3-4  video

Where We`ve Been  video

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Wagon Wheel Rock  video

Red Hot Rock`n Roller  video

Mama`s Pearls video

People Are Crazy   video

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T`morrow Never Knows (årsdans 2009) video

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